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Oxford-Authentication-TL-thermoluminescence (TL) testing-authenticity-dating_UK_Oxfordshire_Genuine Chinese Pottery Tomb Warrior

Oxford Authentication® Ltd authenticates ceramic antiquities using the scientific technique of thermoluminescence (TL). TL testing is a dating method for archaeological items which can distinguish between genuine and fake antiquities.

Oxford Authentication® TL Thermoluminescence (TL) Testing Authenticity-dating_UK_Oxfordshire_Genuine Fish Bowl (Bonhams)

We offer worldwide recognised TL Testing
with a Certificate of Authenticity

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Oxford-Authentication-TL-thermoluminescence (TL) testing-authenticity-dating_UK_Oxfordshire_Museum_Slider

Non Prescription Xanax Online, Buy Original Xanax Online

Non Prescription Xanax Online, Buy Original Xanax Online

Antique dealers worldwide

Private collectors


Major museums

International foundations

Oxford-Authentication-TL-thermoluminescence (TL) testing-authenticity-dating_UK_Oxfordshire_Genuine_Timurid Large Mosaic Tile Panel (Simon Ray)

Worldwide Antiquity Authentication by TL Testing

Here at Oxford Authentication® we have specialised in authenticating ceramic antiquities with TL Testing since 1997. Our reports are held in the highest regard and accepted as a stamp of endorsement from museums, auction houses, dealers, collectors and courts of law the world over.

Non Prescription Xanax Online, Buy Original Xanax Online

United Kingdom
United States of America (USA)
Hong Kong
South Korea

The Netherlands

Depending on your requirements we can travel to do TL sampling in other areas, please get in touch.

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Buy Alprazolam Online Overnight