Porcelain sampling

If you would like your porcelain item tested, get in touch with us via our contact form. We will need to know where the object is located so we can recommend the closest sampling agent to you, or arrange to come and sample it ourselves. We will also need to know details of piece.


All sampling is carried out by in a darkened room by an accredited agent.

Porcelain is fired to a higher temperature than pottery.  It is so hard that we cannot use the same kind of drill to take samples as we do with pottery.  Instead we use a hollow diamond core drill to remove two cylinder shaped cores from the base or other unglazed part of the object. The cores are 3-4mm in diameter and 5mm in length.  All sampling is carried out under running cold water to stop overheating the cores.

An image of the piece must be submitted with the sample. This may be an actual photo, or on a CD or emailed to us by the agent. Details are entered onto a data card which is sent along with any photographs and the sample(s) to our laboratory for testing.

Learn more about how the TL testing process works.


After we have tested your piece, we will issue you with a one-page report. Samples are normally processed within three weeks and once payment is received, preliminary results are emailed or faxed. Original reports will then be posted to you.


Sampling is free if you’re in the UK but a travel charge applies outside central London. If you are outside the UK, there will be a separate sampling fee, which you should pay directly to our representative. Testing costs are separate and payable to Oxford Authentication Ltd.

£250 + VAT at current rate
With VAT (TVA) number Without VAT number
€410 + VAT at current rate

US $500

Hong Kong
Standard delivery 5-Day Express 10-Day Express
HK$5300 HK$10600 HK$7950
Please note that the Hong Kong prices include the representative’s sampling fee.


STANDARD: Normally ready in 3 weeks.

10 Day EXPRESS: 10 working days from receipt by Oxford Authentication Ltd

5 Day EXPRESS: 5 working days from receipt by Oxford Authentication Ltd

Travel expenses

Central London: Free of charge.

Outside the UK: Please contact us for travel costs. Minimum group size: 25 pieces or more.

On site sampling

You can bring your object to our laboratory for sampling while you wait by appointment only, sampling takes 30 mins, results will be in ready in 3 weeks as standard.

You can send items to us, but please call to discuss first.

NB. We cannot accept delivery/deliveries that have not been pre-arranged.

Oxford Authentication Porcelain Testing - Red underglazed Meiping photo

Red underglazed Meiping, courtesy of Eskenazi Ltd

Porcalain sampling

Porcelain sampling

Removing the core

Removing the core

Authenticity testing